Property Tax Appeal

The Clark County Assessor sends out a “Notice of Value” to all real property owners no later than December 18th of each year. These tax assessments can be appealed by submitting the completed Form 5101SBE by the January 15th deadline. The appeal to the Clark County Board of Equalization can be made in person or mailed to:

Clark County Assessor’s Office

500 S Grand Central Parkway, 2nd Floor

Las Vegas, NV 89155.

Instructions for this form can be found on the Clark County Assessors and the State of Nevada Department of Taxation’s websites.

So, how do you know if your property is being overtaxed? Just look for the “Taxable Value” section located on your Notice of Value Form. Taxable value is what the property owner can appeal if it is not accurate. The assessor states this taxable value is the appraised value of the land plus the current replacement cost of the improvements (or “buildings” as listed in the Notice of Value Form) minus the depreciation which is 1.5% multiplied by the age of the property as stated in the Nevada Revised Statute 361.227(b).

Here’s an example:

A typical home with a pool in a subdivision with all improvements built 10 years ago.

  • The value of the land = $50,000
  • Total replacement cost for all improvements = $200,000
  • All improvements are 10 years old (1.5% x 10 years = 15%; 15% x $200,000= $30,000)
  • Taxable Value = Land value PLUS Improvements MINUS Depreciation = $50,000 +$200,000 -$30,000 = $220,000

The assessor uses Marshall and Swift Cost Estimators in addition to other valuation sources to determine these values. The important part is how the taxable value compares to the actual market value of your property!

First, go to the “How Much is My House Worth?” tab and use one of the free online home value estimators to see if that value is more than the assessor’s taxable value. Currently, the Zillow algorithm is skewed towards a higher value, so check the value against a few other valuation estimators as well. If the market value is lower than the taxable value, you may have grounds for a tax appeal. As part of your petition, you can use evidence to support your appeal by including an appraisal report prepared by a real estate appraiser.

Do not let this process intimidate you. A client of ours has filled successful appeals for the last 9 years!

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