USCIS Appraisals

The Department of Homeland Security requires an affidavit of support for sponsoring an individual who wishes to emigrate to the United States. In the State of Nevada, the appraisal can be completed by a licensed real estate appraiser to verify real property assets. The sponsoring party will have to show a net income of one to five times above the corresponding household size poverty line depending on the relationship to that party.

If, for example, you are a son petitioning for your parent, and you have a household size of 4, 125% of the 2017 poverty guideline is $30,750. If the sponsor’s income is $25,000, the difference of $10,000 multiplied by 5 is a minimum required cash value of $50,000. If the sponsor has $12,000 in cash, the appraised real estate value minus any mortgages or liens must be more than $38,000.

A certified real estate appraisal report, which is compliant with DHS standards, will support the sponsoring parties I-8642 application. Our appraisers consistently deliver this type of appraisal to clients whose first language is not English. Even with limited communication, the scope of work and appraisal appointment will run smoothly.

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